A comprehensive guide to integrating your apps with InviteReferrals. The new Ionic/Cordova Plugin helps you to run a referral campaign in InviteReferrals.

Read this guide to know the basic integration of the referral campaign, how to track the events, how to show a welcome message, and other important information via FAQs.

Add InviteReferrals Library to your Project

npm install cordova-plugin-invitereferrals

Link library to Project

ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-invitereferrals --variable IR_BRAND_ID=YOUR_BRAND_ID --variable IR_ENCRYPTED_KEY=YOUR_ENCRYPTION_KEY --variable IR_URL_SCHEME=iosScheme --variable


ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-invitereferrals --variable IR_BRAND_ID=27373 --variable IR_ENCRYPTED_KEY=685B3E092414391DB6EE25A42FDBA52D --variable IR_URL_SCHEME=iosScheme --variable


Note:- If you add plugin correctly you will see the following in your CLI.

  • ionic-cordova-plugin-inviteReferrals successfully installed *


In the above example, Dummy Brand ID and Encryption keys shown. Kindly login your IR_account to see your credentials.

Import invitereferrals package.

Now in your Ionic code, you can import the invitereferrals package.

declare var InviteReferrals: any;