Referral Tracking Pixel

Integrate referral tracking pixel to track goal conversion.

Track Referral Conversion

Use the javascript tracking pixel code on the goal conversion page to track conversion. Even if the tracking code is passed, the conversion will be tracked only when a person has come through a referral.

Follow the referral conversion tracking checklist for more information.

This is one-time integration code for all the campaigns. If you have already included the tracking code on your page, no need to put it again.


ir('track', {
    orderID: 'ABXHXXXXX', // Order ID 
    event: 'sale', 
    fname: 'Mike', // Order Name
    email: '[email protected]', // Order Email
    mobile: '9717XXXXXX', // Order Mobile
    purchaseValue: '1000', // Order Amount
    order_custom_val: '' // Optional (Any Custom Value)


ir('track', {
    orderID: '[email protected]', // Email ID of Friend / Registration ID 
    event: 'register', 
    fname: 'Mike', // Friend Name
    email: '[email protected]', // Friend Email
    mobile: '9717XXXXXX', // Order Mobile
    order_custom_val: '' // Optional (Any Custom Value)



To use this method, you need to integrate InviteReferrals updated integration code on your landing page





InviteReferrals provide events which you can pass in the code to track conversions and accordingly reward the customers.

sale, register, install, whatsapp, share


order id of the customer



customer's email id

[email protected]


customer's mobile number



first name of the customer.



Send custom parameters you want to track with your event



Total purchased amount of the event


InviteReferrals Event

InviteReferrals gives you the option to give rewards to the customers on certain events. You can simply pass the event name in the integration code for which you want to track conversions and you are good to go:

System Events

InviteReferrals provide you certain system events on which you can reward the customers as and when users perform them. You can know whom to reward by putting the integration code on your site, while InviteReferrals will fire the event as it occurs and you can track conversions henceforth.

Simply, pass the events' names as a parameter in the tracking code.

Below are the system events:

  • Sale: You can give rewards to the referrer or referee, when the referee makes a purchase on your site. To track the events, simply put the event name in the tracking code.

  • Register: Reward the referrer or the referee, when the referee signs up or registers on your website.

  • App install: You can reward the referrer or the referee, when the referee installs your android or ios app.

  • Whatsapp: Offer a reward to the referrer or the referee, when the referee subscribes to your WhatsApp business number. No tracking code is required to track this event.

  • Share: Reward referrers for inviting their friends through Facebook and other social media channels. No tracking code is required to track this event.

  • Referral Enrollment: Offer rewards to the referrer or referee , when the referee enrolls on your site. No tracking code is required to track this event.

Custom Events

InviteReferrals provide the events which you can create and configure to reward users whenever they perform that specific event. For more information, read custom events.


Events are the actions performed by the users on your referral campaigns.
You are required to pass the custom events and system events with the same name as you configured in InviteReferrals Dashboard under Events/Rewards.