Getting Started

This documentation will help you get started with InviteReferrals iOS SDK and will cover quick integration steps to start your referral program set up in the IOS app.
Let's get started!

Step 1: SDK Integration
To complete the integration, you need to refer to our iOS SDK documentation. Moreover, under the Integration section, you have to complete at least the first 5 steps that are mentioned below.

  • Configure your info.plist
  • Import InviteReferrals SDK into your Project
  • Import Header File
  • Initialize the SDK
  • Configure App Universal Link (DeepLink)

Step 2: Campaign Setup in Dashboard
In the second step, you need to set up a campaign in the InviteReferrals dashboard. If you have already created a campaign, you can use the same. No need to create a separate campaign for iOS.

Now, to create a campaign, Navigate to InviteReferrals dashboard> Campaign.

Here, you need to follow a few steps that involve themes, referral links, rewards, messages, integration, and other settings to set up a campaign. Once you are done with these steps, your campaign is ready.


Step 3: Campaign Screen in your iOS App
After completing the Step 1 and 2, you need to integrate your campaign with your IOS app so that the same campaign screen starts reflecting on your IOS app and lets your user refer to their friends by sharing their referral link. To know more about the referral screen, have a look at the Sharing Screen section document.

Step 4: Tracking Conversions in your iOS App
After integration and campaign setup, the next important step is conversion tracking. Conversion tracking is crucial as it will allow you to complete your referral program setup and provide rewards to eligible users by tracking events in your iOS App. To know more about event tracking, have a look at our Event Tracking section.