Troubleshoot Event Tracking In App

Testing Steps For Event Tracking For Android And iOS Mobile App SDK

This document will help you test the event tracking before you actually implement it. By testing it, you can be assured that event tracking will be done effectively and seamlessly.

Let’s understand it with the example of Register/Sale tracking

User-A refers his friend User-B
He has shared his referrer link (i.e. ) to his friend that is User-B.

And when User-B clicks on the above referral link and installs the app on his/her device then SDK tracking will start working on the User-B device.

If User-B clicked on the referral link and installed the app as mentioned above then sale tracking will show in the IR panel for all unique OrderID and tracking status will show you if the tracking is valid or not. if the user exceeded the allowed sale limit then the status of the Sale will be rejected in the panel.

Steps For Testing Sale After User-A Has Shared His Referral Link To User-B

Step 1: if your app is installed on your device then delete it from your device.
Step 2: Clear your browser history if you have clicked on a referral link before.
Step 3: After following Step1 and Step 2 hit the referral link in your browser from which you have cleared your browsing history.
Step 4: Now Install your App
(from Android Studio or your app's .apk if testing in development OR from Xcode in case of iOS).
Step 5: Now perform the sale tracking event from your app and check the result in the callback or in the panel.



Remember that if you have uninstalled your app anytime, you need to repeat testing from Step1.
Same testing steps are required for tracking register events.

Things To Remember

Kindly remember that referrer and referee must not be the same, that means if someone refers to himself/herself then sale tracking will get rejected.

In register tracking the device on which a user (suppose User-B) is registering should not be registered with other user and the sharing link which was clicked should not belong to the same user (i.e User-B it means User-B can not referrer himself)

In sale tracking order id must be unique and if repeat sale is not allowed from the panel then sale tracking will be successful only once. Also sharing link which was clicked should not belong to User-B (i.e User-B can not referrer himself)

If there is an error in tracking then you can get the reason for the error in the tracking callback response as follows.

Tracking Method Callback Error List

S.No.Callback ResponseError MessageError TypeScenarioNote
1.{"eventName":"sale","response":{"Authentication":"fail","conversion_details":{"conversion":"fail","Error":"Data not found","ErrorType":2}}}Data not found2In case when data not found---
2.{"eventName":"sale","response":{"Authentication":"fail","conversion_details":{"conversion":"fail","Error":"Invalid authentication","ErrorType":4}}}Invalid authentication4If something went wrong and the API authentication failed or network error---
3.{"eventName":"sale","response":{"Authentication":"fail","conversion_details":{"conversion":"fail","Error":"Invalid account","ErrorType":5}}}Invalid account5In case of wrong account credential passed in AndroidManifest file (ie. BrandID and EncryptionKey)---
4.{"eventName":"sale","response":{"Authentication":"fail","conversion_details":{"conversion":"fail","Error":"Conversion not eligible","ErrorType":6}}}Conversion not eligible6In case a referrer is not found, that means the referral link was not clicked if the referrer shared the referral link. OR In case of referrerCode /uniqueCode the value for referrerCode / unique code is either nil or invalid---
5.{"eventName":"register","response":{"Authentication":"fail","conversion_details":{"conversion":"fail","Error":"Parameter missing, orderID or eventName cannot be empty or null","ErrorType":7}}}Parameter missing7Parameter missing, orderID or eventName cannot be empty or nullIn case of Event name is null or empty, in callback response "eventName" key will not appear Example : {"response":{"Authentication":"fail","conversion_details":{"conversion":"fail","Error":"Parameter missing, orderID or eventName cannot be empty or null","ErrorType":7}}}
6.{"eventName":"install","response":{"Authentication":"fail","conversion_details":{"conversion":"fail","Error":"install already tracked or not eligible","ErrorType":9}}}install already tracked or not eligible9In case of Install or register event if that event already tracked or the tracking conditions are not eligible---

In all other cases result of tracking from the server will come into response.