Getting Started

This documentation will present you with a brief outline on how to quickly get started with the InviteReferrals’ Android SDK integration.

Users, events, campaigns, and reports are key to InviteReferrals.

InviteReferrals Android SDK tracks events or certain actions such as the installation of your organization’s app, a new customer signing up to your brand, a customer finalizing a purchase either through your organization’s website or by using your organization’s app etc. You can in turn configure these tracked events as conditions through the InviteReferrals software, in order to offer rewards to your customers. The process is summarized as follows: -

  • Once you have integrated the IR Android SDK with your organization’s app, you simply need to create an invitation campaign using the InviteReferrals software.

  • Next, you need to forward this campaign to your existing customers in order to provide them with an option within the app to refer your organization’s app to their friends or acquaintances.

  • In case an existing customer who actively uses your organization’s app, refers your app to a friend or an acquaintance, then this event gets tracked via the integrated IR Android SDK and consequently through the IR software you can choose to offer perks such as a discount on a subsequent purchase made by the existing customer through the app.

So, if your organization intends to reward its existing as well as its new customers, in order to encourage them to continue purchasing products and services, then your organization can leverage the InviteReferrals software to conditionally offer perks such as discount coupons, gift vouchers etc. For instance, if an existing customer refers your organization’s app to an acquaintance by sharing a link provided by your organization and consequently that acquaintance installs the application via the same link, then through the InviteReferrals software you can choose to offer a specific reward either only to the existing customer or to both the existing as well as the new customer.

The best way to get started with InviteReferrals is to follow a few basic steps which delineate how to integrate the IR Android SDK ,build a campaign, and achieve a report within a couple of minutes. Before you begin, you need Android Studio installed on your system in order to follow along with these guides.

This foremost step is the most basic & prominent one to be followed. After following the five steps mentioned below, SDK’s fundamental integration will be complete & if you run your app then you will start getting logs from the InviteReferrals SDK.

1. Declare the maven repository.
2. Add required dependencies with the Google Play Install referrer dependency (for Play Install Referrer the SDK takes care of the rest).
3. Configure your Android Manifest file.
4. Initialize the SDK.
5. Setup Deep-link or OneLink settings.

This step guides you through the process of building up your campaign in the dashboard & editing various settings according to your requirements. All you need to do is to login into your IR account, configure all the settings & save them.

This step guides you through the process of creating or registering a user as a referrer that helps you refer to your friend via a referral link. Once a user has been successfully registered, the InviteReferrals default campaign screen will be launched. Here you will get the choice of Campaign Screen.

This step regarding conversion tracking is crucial in order to finalize your referral program’s configurations and to ultimately provide rewards to eligible users such as enabling them to track events in your Android App. All its related reports will be available in your IR Dashboard account.

Step 5 - Start Engaging Or Referring Users

After sequentially following the steps mentioned above, you will be able to run the basic referral program in your Android App.

Now that you have understood the basic steps required to run your app campaign in InviteReferrals, get started with the process by perusing the guide to the very first section viz. ‘Install & Integrate Native Android SDK’ in order to integrate our Android SDK into your app. If you wish to learn more about InviteReferrals’ features, before integrating our SDK, check out our Referral Marketing Guide.