Q1. How to set Background image ?

Ans. You can set the background image of your choice for InviteReferrals screens. To do so, simply rename your background image as “screen_background.png” and import it to your project’s drawable folder.

Q2. How to translate InviteReferrals screen into localized language as per default language of Android device?

Ans. For Localize language such as Vietnamese, you can follow the below steps:

A. Select your Project Module on the left of the Android Panel. Select Module Name and choose Values
directory under the Resource subsection.

B. Right-click on Values directory and add a new values resource file. Then you will see a screen like this:


C. Enter file name as strings.xml


Note: strings.xml is the default filename android, used for localized text. Resist the urge to name the file something else, otherwise you will have to type the name of your .xml file, every time you refer a localized string.

D. Select Locale option under the Available qualifiers tag. Then click on the button with double-right angular bracket symbol .

E. Then, select the required language from the available languages under Language tag. And finally click on Ok button.

F. Select strings.xml (English) and replace its contents with the following:

<string name="app_name">invitereferrals</string>
<string name="more_options">More options to share</string>
<string name="stats">My Referral Statistics</string>
<string name="tnc">Terms And Conditions</string>
<string name="how_it_works">How It Works</string>
<string name="ir_login_userNameHint">Enter Name</string>
<string name="ir_login_userEmailHint">Enter Email Address</string>
<string name="ir_login_userMobileHint">%d Digit Mobile Number</string>
<string name="ir_login_buttonText">Register</string>
<string name="loading_message">Please wait. Page is loading...</string>
<string name="valid_email">Enter Valid Email ID</string>
<string name="Invalid_mobie">Enter Mobile Number</string>
<string name="err_msg">Something went wrong</string>
<string name="ir_actionbarLoginScreenTitle">Login Screen</string>
<string name="ir_actionbarShareScreenTitle">Sharing Screen</string>
<string name="ir_actionbarBackground">#a25016</string>
<string name="ir_actionbarTitleColor">rgba(165,188,210,1)</string>
<string name="ir_actionbarButtonTitle">close</string>
<string name="ir_btnTintColor">#56C13E</string>

1. ir_actionbarBackground

Name of the actionbar background. Values can be either image_url, hex color code, rgba color or drawable image.

<string name="ir_actionbarBackground">#a25016</string>         //hex color code
<string name="ir_actionbarBackground">rgba(165,188,210,1)</string>   //rgba color 
<string name="ir_actionbarBackground">ir_actionbar_bg</string>       //drawable image name
<string name="ir_actionbarBackground"> http://images.all-free-download.com/images/clouds_in_sky_background_192377.jpg</string> //image_url
  1. ir_actionbarTitleColor

It refers to the Color for the action bar title. Values can be either hex color code or rgba color.

<string name="ir_actionbarTitleColor">#A5BCD2</string>         //hex color code
<string name="ir_actionbarTitleColor">rgba(165,188,210,1)</string>   //rgba color
  1. ir_actionbarButtonTitle

It is the Title for the actionbar button. Values can be either string, image_url or drawable image.

<string name="ir_actionbarButtonTitle">#A5BCD2</string>         //hex color code
<string name="ir_actionbarButtonTitle">rgba(165,188,210,1)</string>   //rgba color 
<string name="ir_actionbarButtonTitle">https://s3.amazonaws.com/notifyvisitors/static/cross.png
</string>        //image_url
<string name="ir_actionbarButtonTitle">close_button</string>         //drawable image
  1. ir_btnTintColor

It represents the Tint color for the actionbar button. Values can be either hex color code or rgba color.

<string name="ir_btnTintColor">#dd0067</string>         //hex color code
<string name="ir_btnTintColor">rgba(86,193,62,1)</string>   //rgba color

G. To change the text for Vietnamese, select strings.xml (Vietnamese) and replace its contents with the following:

<string name="app_name">invitereferrals</string>
<string name="more_options">Nhiều tùy chọn để chia sẻ</string>
<string name="stats">Thống kê giới thiệu của tôi</string>
<string name="tnc">Các điều khoản và điều kiện</string>
<string name="how_it_works">Làm thế nào nó hoạt động</string>

<string name="ir_login_userNameHint">Tên</string>
<string name="ir_login_userEmailHint">E-mail</string>
<string name="ir_login_userMobileHint">Số di động Số %d</string>
<string name="ir_login_buttonText">Ghi danh</string>
<string name="valid_email">Nhập ID Email hợp lệ</string>

<string name="err_msg">Đã xảy ra lỗi</string>
<string name="loading_message">Xin chờ. Đang tải trang...</string>

<string name="ir_actionbarLogScreenTitle">Màn hình đăng nhập</string>
<string name="ir_actionbarShareScreenTitle">Màn hình chia sẻ</string>
<string name="ir_actionbarBackground">#a25016</string>
<string name="ir_actionbarTitleColor">rgba(165,188,210,1)</string>
<string name="ir_actionbarButtonTitle">gần</string>
<string name="ir_btnTintColor">#56C13E</string>

Q3. How to set custom fonts ?

Ans. You can use Custom fonts for InviteReferrals Screens texts to match up your App’s text fonts. To do so, add fonts.ttf files inside asset→ fonts folder to your Android project.

For example: "DroidSans-Bold.ttf". 

Provide your file name(e.g., fonts/DroidSans-Bold.ttf) in ir_fontStyle tag in Strings.xml

Q4. How can I change sharing buttons icons like facebook whatsapp in sharing screen of Invitereferrals ?

Ans. You can change icons of sharing options visible on sharing screen by putting your icon images into your
drawable with the following names for their respective apps.

App Name

Drawable Icon Name











Linked In










More Option (right side icon in referral link box)